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Terms and Conditions
- 10 Session Package expiries in 3 months.

- Except for freezable packages, no package can be frozen or extended.

- For freezable packages: To be able to freeze your package you need to notify YogaŞala of the beginning and end of the freezing period at least 2 days prior to your freeze date.

- No refunds for workshop, package or session payments.

- The freezable packages are only available for 3 and 12 month memberships. Clients with a 3 or 12 month unlimited existing package can upgrade to a freezable package by paying the difference between the packages.

- YogaŞala reserves the right to change all workshops, majoring in yoga programs, yoga packages, membership and participation rights..

* Standard freezable packages can be frozen only once and not more than 1 month.
YogaŞala Gift Card Terms of Use
1- Gift cards can be provided from all YogaŞala studios and can be used at any YogaŞala studio.

2- Gift card is the monetary value of the product and/or package that is written on the reverse side. If requested by the customer, Instead of package/product names, the value of the gift can be written in TL as well.

3- If the product and/or package that is being gifted is no longer active at YogaŞala at redemption, the value of the gift card can be used for an active yoga package and/or product..

4- The client has the option to buy another package and/or product instead of the product and/or package issued on the gift card. In that case, if the new product and/or package value is higher that the one issued on the gift card, the price difference will be collected during sales. If the new product and/or package value is lower that the one issued on the gift card, the remaining amount will be kept in the clients account to be used later. No cash refunds possible.

5- If case of any forgery on the gift card, data at YogaŞala will be taken into account..


12 Month Unlimited Frozen Yoga Package


Unlimited yoga sessions for 12 month. 


Cash and Full Credit Card Payment Discount: You will receive a 10% discount for full cash payments, and 5% discount for full credit card payments on the purchase of your 12 Month package.


-12 Month Freezable packages can only be frozen once and not more than 1 month.

-Packages other than freezable packages cannot be extended and/or frozen.

-No refunds  on workshopspackages or single session payments.


E-Newsletter Membership
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