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Yoga means 'unification or integration', it is a database of knowledge that has been handed down from master to student for over 5000 years, making the yoga tradition both ancient and eternal. Yoga is a life discipline, yoga is not just a physical practice on the mat, it is also spiritual and physiological.   It can also be regarded as a tool to meet with one's essence.Yoga, with the accumulation of 5000 years of tradition, guides the individual to realize his potential step by step and to live his life within the framework of certain ethical rules. It opens the doors to vitality, health, change and new possibilities in one's life.





YogaŞala means Yoga Home in Sanskrit.  As our name suggests, our studio was founded with the objective to create a warm home-like environment where people can come together and share their practice of yoga.  It is a space where we can escape the chaos of metropolitan city life and focus on our body, breath and spirit.In essence we come to YogaŞala to find the home within ourselves.When YogaŞala was established, as Turkey's first yoga studio, in 2001, there were only 2 yoga experts and 4 yoga sessions per day. Today, we offer more than 200 yoga sessions per week at 3 of Istanbul prime locations.  Our family of 2 grew to over 70 qualified yoga experts.  Over the last 2 decades we have contributed to the evolution of yoga in our city.  We have also hosted numerous yoga experts from around the world. 


At YogaSala we strive to make yoga accessible to all levels and all ages.   We also feature a variety of yoga styles on our extensive program; Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini and Yin Yoga sessions, just to name a few.  Other than regularly scheduled weekly sessions, YogaŞala also offers a variety of training programs, workshops, and one-on-one sessions.   Our members can enjoy this diverse approach to yoga by joining yoga sessions that meet their daily needs.  


 Our yoga experts maintain a personalized approach, even in a group session environment.  They design innovative sequences that emphasize the relationship between breath and movement.  In this way, practitioners enjoy the numerous benefits of yoga practice over time.  Through regular practice, the body becomes stronger and more flexible while the mind becomes calmer and more aware.  In recent years, taking into account the global environment, we adapted to the changing needs of our members and began offering our sessions online as well as in the studio. In this way, we are able to offer our members the flexibility to participate in a wide array of yoga sessions, training programs and workshops online. This hybrid model enables our members to continue their yoga practice and education from their homes or while traveling. Furthermore, in this new era of online we have been able to expand our outreach and serve members in other cities throughout Turkey and also around the world.


YogaŞala also offers a variety of yoga services outside of its studio walls.  We enjoy collaborating with hotels, and corporate organizations to meet their yoga goals and needs.  Exclusive hotels throughout Turkey count on our dependability and expertise to bring yoga to their valued clientele.  On the corporate side, we thrive on long-term relationships as we watch our partners incorporate yoga into their work culture.  During the summer months we also support our communities by collaborating with local municipalities to make yoga accessible to everyone, in our neighbourhood parks.   

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