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Functional Strength and Mobility

Functional Strength and Mobility

"Sthira Sukham Asanam"

Such is the state we want to find in each yoga posture: to be strong, solid and at the same time effortless.


While the practice of asana itself will show us over time what this sutra of Patanjali truly means, this process may not be so easy for everyone.

During yoga practice, we use the strength of our body with great focus and awareness of breath, while at the same time we let go of all our efforts related to it. At this point, yoga practice turns into a fluid and enjoyable personal dance for the practitioner.

From time to time, we refer to different disciplines to find this endurance we need within the practice, to understand the current situation and needs of our body, to strengthen it while being kind to our body.

One of these disciplines is functional strength exercises, these bring strength, endurance, mobility and mindful muscle activation to the practitioner.

Whether you are new to yoga, intermediate, advanced, or experienced, these functional exercises hold benefits for yoga practitioners of all levels.

What is mindful muscle activation? How do we increase our endurance by working with our own body weight? How do I exercise with my current injuries? How can I protect myself against injuries? Such questions are answered and explored within these sessions.

Each lesson is based on the conscious focus of breath and movement, which are the basic elements of asana practice. While we consciously activate our muscles throughout the lesson, we work out the whole range of movements that increase the endurance of our body and support the formation of the optimal body form.



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