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Level 2 Authorised Ashtanga Yoga Expert Adam Keen is at YogaŞala! - October 2019

17-25 October, 2019
YogaŞala Nişantaşı

Level 2 Authorised Ashtanga Yoga Expert Adam Keen is at YogaŞala!"


 adam keen


Mysore :


Every person will have thoughtful help in how to consider their practice most effectively for efficient and safe progress, both physically, but also on a deeper level. 



Jump Back & Through Workshop (Building strength for later arm balancing)


This is a fundamental building-block for developing a stronger Practise. Here, we will rapidly progress from a precise look at how to get the most out of the most obvious strength-builder ‘chataranga’, to a good deal of Practise with ‘Jumping.’ Our finale will be a careful exploration of a couple of the more ‘show-stopping’ arm-balances we all want to have a go at. 


Even if you don’t feel strong, you will gain a clear idea through this module on what you need to think about in order to develop more strength. This will include taking a deeper-look at what strength actually entails and how to access the muscles of the back in this, instead of wearing-out the shoulders and arms.


The last hour of this workshop will focus on breathing Practise (basic pranayama) and a discussion on how the postures might represent our inner-attitude; or why Yoga is more than just Asanas. A basic idea of Yoga philosophy will be laid-out and shown to also be relevant to our own culture and modern-lives.



Backbends Workshop (Why they are so frightening and how to relax with them) 


Rather than simply pushing ourselves, a refreshing look at what is entailed in a backbend so as to make them actually comfortable and beneficial.


How to avoid over-stretching and hence tightening, the lower-back, whilst looking at ways to start to access the elusive thoracic (upper) spine and how the neck is actually instrumental in this. 


We will consider a few highly-effective exercises to do at home to really help with backbends, then a closer look at the Intermediate-Series ones, in order that we finally arrive at Urdhva Dhanurasana (the wheel) together in a way that feels good and also safe. 


A workshop for all-levels. Beginners will be shown great modifications in order to progress effectively, more advanced will work on how to get more out of the ‘drop-back’ sequence including learning how to use the legs more skillfully.


This module will end with a Q&A and discussion of how to build a practice and incorporate Yoga as a lifestyle in a free and positive way, instead of feeling that The Practise has come to control and dominate our lives. Practise ought to be used to enhance our lives, not be our lives, it’s a tool and not a conclusion.



VENUE : YogaŞala - Nişantaşı   adam keen





17-25 October 2019 / 07.00-09.30


Jump Back & Through Workshop (Building strength for later arm balancing)

19 October 2019 / 10.00-13.00


Backbends Workshop (Why they are so frightening and how to relax with them) 

20 October 2019 / 10.00-13.00



  • Single Mysore Fee : 100 TL (Early bird discount 20 TL no later than 15th of August)


  • 9 Mysore Sessions Fee : 710 TL (Early bird discount 140 TL no later than 15th of August)


  • Single Workshop Fee : 360 TL (Early bird discount 80 TL no later than 15th of August)


  • Two Workshops Fee : 570 TL (Early bird discount 120 TL no later than 15th of August)



  • Some experience/knowledge of the Ashtanga sequence is needed for Mysore sessions.


  • Workshop is suitable for all levels with some prior experience of the Ashtanga Primary Series. 


  • Minimum 8 registrations are needed to open the program.


  • All events will be conducted in English and Turkish translation WILL NOT be available.


  • Etkinlik lisanı İngilizcedir. Çeviri sağlanmayacaktır.


  • Cash payments only. No refunds.


Fees are subject to change in accordance with economic conditions.



Adam Keen :  adam keen


Adam Keen is one of the few teachers who has been fortunate enough to learn all the advanced series A with Sharath Jois in Mysore,  where he was also authorised (level 2).


He has taught the practice in London and abroad for the past 20 yrs, and his teaching is unique in style, blending clear technique ideas with thoughtful consideration of what lies behind the asana.


The classes always give appropriate attention to all levels of student, from beginner to hey advanced. They are informative, fun, and leave you thinking about ideas for a long time after.

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