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Online & Studio Postnatal Yoga

Online & Studio Postnatal Yoga

Motherhood is a process filled with countless experiences of surrender, gratitude, balance of power, mistakes, compassion, unconditional love, guilt, patience, and then some more patience.

Benefits of Postnatal Yoga

Pregnancy period prepares a woman for motherhood; There is a period when one loses some connection with the abdominal region, which is associated with the self. It is as if the woman is lending our own self completely to the baby growing inside of her. Postpartum yoga, or Postnatal yoga, allows the woman to do a practice where she rediscovers her own self. The abdominal region is strengthened while maintaining flexibility.

Poses for the recovery of the pelvis area aid in speeding up the healing process. This helps to keep the pelvis both strong and flexible.

Regular yoga practice is an effective tool for relieving waist, shoulder, neck and back pains, which are all common problems that a new mother experiences.

Breath and meditation exercises aid mothers with insomnia, chronic fatigue, and anxiety-like problems.

When Can You Start Postnatal Yoga?

Unless there is a special situation, and in consultation with your doctor, one can begin Postnatal Yoga practice 6 weeks after vaginal delivery or 8 weeks after caesarean delivery. If you have regular prenatal yoga practice and you feel ready; You can also start yoga earlier with your doctor's approval.

Regular yoga practice supports women to find this inner balance through the challenging moments of motherhood. One begins to realize their own strength. This awareness begins to enlighten the practitioner first and then those around them.

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