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Reiki Healing Session

Reiki is an energy transfer technique applied for healing purposes. 

Reiki is a Japanese word. 

Rei - means Divine/Universal awareness. 

Ki - is the Life Energy. 


Reiki in essence is a Spiritual life force energy that carries the consciousness of the source. 


It is applied with the hands, but without touching, and treats the places where the energy flow is disturbed, blocked, slowed or out of balance. 


Relaxation in the nervous system makes itself felt as deep relaxation during the session. 


It is important to allow the person to relax both in body and mind during the session as well as to be open to the session. One can accept healing by focusing on his personal or collective intentions before the session.  Reiki can be applied to everyone. Reiki Healing is a system that works with the energy of love, compassion, high vibrations and has no negative consequences. 


In this session Reiki healing energy will be flowing for 45 minutes. Participants can experience the session in a savasana position to feel deep relaxation and the healing effects of this ancient techniq


Reiki Session take place every Tuesday at 20:00, at the YogaŞala Etiler and every Wednesday at 20:00, at the YogaŞala Nişantaşı studio.


Session fee is as follows:


YogaŞala Members: 400 TL

Non-memebers: 600 TL

E-Newsletter Membership
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