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Sound Meditation(Free)

Sound Meditation(Free)

All things in existence, the whole universe, are made up at their most essential level of vibrant, pulsating energy, perceived as a humming vibration. The whole creation, including all living beings, is a multitude of interacting vibrations.


Every vibration is a SOUND.



Harmonius sounds have a powerful healing effect on the physical, emotional and mental body and its functioning, as well as on the spiritual self.


Disharmonius frequencies result in stress, illness and misery. Harmonius frequencies result in love, joy and peace. Thus inner chaos, conflicts and dissonances can be transformed into harmony. Sound can transform negative, repressed emotions, restoring the harmony in our bodies and between body, mind and soul.

Like with the radio, it is our choice to attune ourselves to certain frequencies.


Chanting A, U, M sounds is one of the best ways to bring the vibration of unity into the diversity of creation and the perfect wholeness in each cell.


The collective negativity produced by destructive, judgemental thinking, talking and acting of each individual, is the source of many illnesses, armed conflicts and natural disasters on our planet. It is on us to change and raise the vibrations which we radiate into the atmosphere.


By doing Sound Meditation, the negativity can be transformed in ourselves, at the place where it is performed, or wherever the healing energy is sincerely directed.


We will be practicing in a group for 60 minutes, therefor please choose comfortable clothing.



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