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Zuhal Özyurt

Zuhal Özyurt

Zuhal completed the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) approved, 500 hours, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training Program.
In addition she has also completed the following programs:

• Cihangir Yoga, Nur Sakallı and Başak Kutlu / Safe Birth and Pregnancy Yoga
• YogaŞala, Hart Lazer Safe Teaching and Restorative Yoga, Sarah Powers Essence of Yin and Yang Yoga, Berra Sertel Yin Yoga
• Zeynep Aksoy, Advayta Yoga Anatomy and 200 hrs Teacher Training Program
• Sat Dharam Kaur and Gabor Mate / The Yoga Path of Regeneration Beyond Addiction Programs.
• The 3-year, 500 hours, Meditative Family Constallation Program with Rumen Yankulov As part of this program she was included in Svagito Liebmeister's programs for a short time. Currently, Feride Gürsoy continues the program of Ancient Body and Family Constallation Program
• 4 Training Modules of the Rooger Wolger Institute for Deep Memory Process.
• Zuhal also attended the Introduction to Astrology course for 1.5 years under the leadership of Zeynep Süzmen Şen
Zuhal continues to practice with Reiki-Based Universal Energies and has been educating those who want to develop in the field of application and practice with universal energies since 2010.

Zuhal participated in KRI Aquarian Training Academy until 2022. She has been involved in a mentoring program since 2015.
Zuhal has been organizing KRI Approved Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Programs in Turkey. She has been leading the training of experts at international level in many cities of Turkey. Zuhal has been organizing Yoga Alliance Approved Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Programs as a lead trainer since 2022.

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