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Backbends & Twists Weekend with HART LAZER

2&3 February, 2019 //09:30-12:00
YogaŞala Nişantaşı

2 February 2019

Balancing the Upper Body and Lower Back in Backbends


3 February 2019

Twist & Shout, Going Deeper in Twists


The workshop welcomes both yoga practitioners and/or experts, offering all the opportunity to learn the invaluable tools to understand the essentials of back bends and twists.


This asana-based workshop will help you build new skills to develop your back bends and twists in a way that promotes attention to detail and safety, in the interest of establishing a long-term, daily practice without causing harm to the physical body. 

hart lazer

 Learn to build a gradual arc in practice, moving from the foundational essentials towards the more complex demands of deeper back bends and twists.



VENUE : YogaŞala - Nişantaşı


DATE : 2 & 3 February 2019


HOURS : 09:30-12:00 



Single Day Fee: 400 TL

Two Days Fee: 600 TL


  • Last registration date is January 26th.


  • Minimum 15 registrations are needed to open the program.


  • Cash payments only. No refunds.


  • The workshop will be in English.



Hart Lazer 

Is co-owner of United Yoga Montreal and internationally recognized as a mentor of yoga experts. Systematic, profound, thorough, sensitive and challenging, he is a master at leading the mechanics of asana, having studied closely with Iyengar teacher Ramanand Patel for many years and undertaken a serious study of Ashtanga yoga. Hart Lazer offers his practitioners the experience gained from his unique life story and over 25 years as a yoga expert and practitioner. In recent years Hart has explored the effects of Buddhism, yoga and trauma on the body and has developed a multi-dimensional approach to working with human difficulties.

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