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Level 2 Authorised Ashtanga Yoga Expert Adam Keen is at YogaŞala! March 2020

25-29 March, 2020
YogaŞala Nişantaşı


Level 2 Authorised Ashtanga Yoga Expert Adam Keen is at YogaŞala!


adam keen





The Inner Stretch Workshop


Fundamentals of strength and stability. Learn how to actually build strength through a more subtle engagement with the deeper method involved in the breath-bandha technique at the heart of Ashtanga yoga. This workshop will build from fundamentals all the way into arm balances using this ‘hidden’ aspect of the methodology 


Intro to Intermediate Series and Comfortable Backbending


All levels, incorporating the more gradual backbends at the start of Second Series in order to understand and approach Urdhva Dhanuransa (primary series backbend) more effectively and safely. Suitable for all levels, whether an advanced backbender or beginner.


VENUE: YogaŞala - Nişantaşı






25, 26, 27 ,28,29 March 2019 // 07:00-09:30



The Inner Stretch Workshop

28 March 2020 / 10:00-12:00


Intro to Intermediate Series and Comfortable Backbending

29 March 2020 / 10:00-12:00





  • Single Mysore Fee : 100 TL (Early bird discount 20 TL no later than 15th of February)


  • 5 Mysore Sessions Fee : 400 TL (Early bird discount 80 TL no later than 15th of February)


  • Single Workshop Fee : 250 TL (Early bird discount 50 TL no later than 15th of February)


  • Two Workshops Fee : 400 TL (Early bird discount 80 TL no later than 15th of February)



  • Some experience/knowledge of the Ashtanga sequence is needed for Mysore sessions.
  • Workshop is suitable for all levels with some prior experience of the Ashtanga Primary Series. 
  • Minimum 8 registrations are needed to open the program.
  • All events will be conducted in English and Turkish translation WILL NOT be available.
  • Etkinlik lisanı İngilizcedir. Çeviri sağlanmayacaktır.
  • Cash payments only. No refunds.

Fees are subject to change in accordance with economic conditions.




Adam Keen: 


Adam Keen is one of the few teachers who has been fortunate enough to learn all the Advanced Series A with Sharath Jois in Mysore, where he was also authorised Level 2.


He has taught the practice in London and abroad for the past 20 years, and his teaching is unique in style, blending clear technique ideas with thoughtful consideration of what lies behind the asana.


The classes always give appropriate attention to all levels of student, from beginner to the advanced. They are informative, fun, and leave you thinking about ideas for a long time after.


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